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Bolly Flex Dancers: Leena Patel, Naz Choudhury, Freya Mehta, Reuben George, Nikita Patel, Syma Ahmad, Sharena Khan, Aarti Lodhia, Mikey Tham, Nehal Bhogaita, Anjali Nagpal, Pooja Shah, Pavithra Ramani, Shareen Pennington, Neethu Haridas, Toral Patel, Nabeel Awan, Rahel Sultan, Bhavin Bhatt, Liam Dawett, Jeya Raveendram, Prito Jerome Itiacandy.

Choreographers: Leena Patel, Naz Choudhury.

The Bolly Flex team represents a family within, and symbolises the enthusiasm, perseverance, the love and soul towards Bollywood dance as they illustrate with their movements with such quality and enchantment. As Bolly-Flex will demonstrate the intricacy, complexity and the sophistication in the new generation of Bollywood Dance being choreographed by Naz Choudhury as he creates his energetic and breath taking Bollywood spectacular to the UK’s capital with their debut at the 02 Arena, they will demonstrate a dazzling display of impeccable talent. With the elements of the traditional Asian culture infused with the modern and commercial styles of dance. Bolly Flex will showcase a world class presentation of Bollywood.

Bolly Flex are the all star members handpicked from the elite team of Flex FX, and will be set to put the stage on fire. Bolly Flex began their first headline as semi-finalists of Got To Dance, Sky 1. As they stormed through the series, with gold stars all-round and a standing ovation from the judges as they quote:


‘Bolly Flex inspire me’
Ashley Banjo – Diversity

‘I loved it, Absolutely Electrifying’
Adam Garcia – Tap Dogs

‘Simply Perfection’
Kimberley Wyatt - Pussycat Dolls

‘Amazing charisma, superb energy’
Davina McCall

After Bolly-Flex set an artistic sensation and released unbelievable Bollywood flavour into the UK, they toured over the main county‘s, commencing with their premier at the Hackney Empire London, leading to Birmingham then Portsmouth’s Kings Theatre and so forth throughout the year. Leaving a inspirational journey of dance and showed the nation Bollywood like it has never been seen before. 

They finished 2011 with a large knock out production at the World Music Festival in Oslo, Norway. Delivering and leaving with an intense spectacular performance from a mixture of versatile dancers trained in styles of Eastern Bollywood, Bollywood Street, Break-dance, Traditional Indian, Latin and Contemporary. Bolly-Flex entwines these forms of dance and incorporates them into our shows to give the audience such a selection and eyeful of the be wilderness that the Bollywood genre has to offer. ‘Dance to inspire, Aspire to make change.

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